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Merchant Account vs Payment Gateway

To sale any product online you need to have a payment gateway and merchant account as well. Most of the vendors know about both the account but they don’t know the difference between them...!

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How to identify a declined transaction and what to do about it

Humans are used to and have a set tradition that can be observed. This cannot be considered a foray of isolation, but in the world of plastic money it is an opportune that it can help a card service provider to detect strange action for a fussy cardholder...!

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Payment gateways disadvantage

In our various discussions we have talked about the online payment gateway advantages. This time we are letting our viewers to know about the disadvantages of the payment gateway...!

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Online Payment Gateway Rates and Fees

There are various types of fees that a merchant has, some are periodic and others are per item or per percentage. Fees are set by the merchant to its account provided, but majority are passed through the merchant account as per set percentage by the issuing bank...!

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Types of payment gateway

These days the payment gateways is a cup of tea for everyone however, to select the best payment gateway is the knowledgeable task as you need to chose the best one for your business...!

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Benefits and Advantages of payment gateway

There is a payment gateway behind the success of every business. These days e-commerce business are growing like anything and the main reason behind the success is payment gateway...!

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