Frequently Asked Questions

What types of businesses do you provide the payment gateway?
Provide payment gateway to the businesses that are high risk, offshore, retail, accepting order on telephone etc.

How long does it take to get approved?
The takes around 24-48 hours however, setup and shipment is depends upon the approval.

What are the benefits to accept online payment?
Online payment helps to increase the sales, it increase the customer reliability.

Is bad credit history going to impact me?
Credit history does not play any role here as we approve the payment gateway to all which helps to have the best approval rate in the industry.

Do I need to have a current account?
Yes a current bank account is mandatory so that you directly received the payment into your account.

What is a charge back?
Charge back means when customer does not accept the credit card payment post reviewing his credit card statement.

Is there any way to avoid the charge back?
Yes, you can avoid the charge back by having a business checking account and display the same name on website.

How is the Advance Commerce Technologies Online Payment Solution will benefit me?
The advance commerce technologies online payment solution allows the online e-commerce to capture check and credit cards in real time. It allows you to capture all of your sales on-line by advanced technological features such as web link, virtual terminal and audit trail. It is fast and secure; funds transfer took around 24-48 hours.

How the money will transfer in my account?
The amount will directly deposit into your account after the sales closed and fund will be transfer within 2 business day, the high risk account might take some extra time.

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