How to identify a declined transaction and what to do about it

Humans are used to and have a set tradition that can be observed. This cannot be considered a foray of isolation, but in the world of plastic money it is an opportune that it can help a card service provider to detect strange action for a fussy cardholder.

For an example, if a bank issued a card to the senior citizen who lives somewhere in Delhi and don’t use his card very frequency in online purchase. The usage of his card is between 3-4 times in a month and spending around rupees 1000 in a local market where the cardholders lives. In such examples, the cardholder may not ever use his card outside Delhi. If that card suddenly used for 50,000/- rupees in a place which does not reflect the living style of the senior citizen can be a trigger of the suspicious activity. The card issue authority should take the action right away and block the card for the further transactions.

There are various reasons behind declining a transaction:

Insufficient funds:

This is one of the causes which decline the transactions, the cardholder may spending or using his or her card very frequently and don’t pay attention toward the balance of the card. This kind of problem always occur when the card holder exceed its card limit.

Expired card:

Expired card is another cause behind a transaction declined. If the card is expire and the card holder still swiping his card in the machine then the transaction will be declined. However, sometime the issuing authority can also approve the transactions from the expired card but for that the card holder will have to speak the customer support and request them to approve the transaction.

History of the geographic purchase:

If a cardholder has never made any transaction outside the country and suddenly he has made a transaction for then the issuing authority may decline the transaction.

Transaction size limits:

If a transaction happened on the card which is has large payment and such kind of transaction never happened in the history of the card, this can be an indication of the forgery.

Multiple purchases from different locations at the same time:

If a card is being used at the multiple locations on the same date that can be another indication of the forgery. The issuing authority should block the card right there.

Stolen Card:

Card member has reported for lost or stolen, the issuing authority should stop the card right away and block it for further misuse.

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