Payment Gateway for tech support business

In today’s world the businesses need to align their workflow to build sustainable relationships with their customers and provide better services than their competitors. Most of the businesses whether small cap, mid cap or large cap wants to have a sustainable model in place, so that the customers re-visit them and that can only be possible by smart transaction system. Most of the business wants to have an opulent and better online payment system for their online market. When any utility website embedded with a smart payment gateway it leaves noteworthy impression on the customer.

These days the online payment gateway system has become an integral and important part and builds constructive relationship between the buyer and seller. The secure online payment gateway builds the trust of the customer and it also helps you meet your sales target and provide hassle free service and secure service to the customers.

The integration of the best payment gateway is not only the business agenda but also a vital face of the business in front of the customers. The best payment gateway also helps to grow business like anything.

Intechpay is one of the best known organizations who are dealing in providing the online payment gateway especially to the tech support business and helping them to strength. We pay the attention to the every transaction that is happened and understand the risk.

Intechpay offer hundreds of payment options including debit card, credits, net banking, Amex Card and prepaid cards. By strongly integrating the next generation payment gateway system as per business needs, we helps you to experience higher success rate, high rate of customer satisfaction and assured settlement.

We help you to convert your online business into instant collections, client reliability through superior payment experience, low your distribution charges, provider customer support at transaction level and exceptions, handling customer day in day questions and help convert you credit sales into cash.

We are providing low rates charges online payment option and providing seamless integration with your shopping cart. Service providing by us is very secure and verified which reduce the fraud risk.

IntechPay Benefits include:

We help you accept all major credit and debit card included Visa, Master Card and American Express, the transactions are validated.

We are accepting payment 24x7 and supporting widely used shopping carts gateways. Providing business specific system for flawless payment processing system, protect customer data and boost compliance efforts, order verification and fraud prevention. We verify every order so that we can prevent you by the frauds.

Qualifiers for the online payment gateway for technical Support:

  • Active business on your company name and should have an active website.
  • You are not doing any business which leads to fraudulent calls i.e. make falls call on the behalf of Microsoft and Dell etc.
  • There should be an inbound number installed into your organization of the country you are dialling to.
  • You are ready to follow the quality instructions of our company.
    • Sign sales contract
    • Sales verification by our quality agents
    • Satisfaction mail from the customer post service.
  • After sales service is mandatory whenever is required.
  • Money back guarantee in case of customer is not happy post sales service.

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