Payment Gateways Disadvantages

In our various discussions we have talked about the online payment gateway advantages. This time we are letting our viewers to know about the disadvantages of the payment gateway. It seems very easy and attractive while doing online shopping as it is very simple and hassle free.

We just go online, access the website, select the product to purchase chose the payment option and make the payment. We actually feed very well while received the consignment at home. However, there are various disadvantages also for this online payment option. The buyer didn’t pay the due attention to the website while making payment.

There are various methods that an e-commerce website use to the payment as listed below:

Credit card:

Credit card is one of the easy methods of the payment and 9 out of 10 buyers chose this option for the payment. The card holder has filled various details like card number, expiry date; name on the card and very important the CVV number. The card holder has to be very careful while entering this information as these information’s can be hacked and card can be misused. While entering the data the card holder need to verify whether the website is secure or not and this can be only verified by looking at the server. Look at the address bar, if the address bar has HTTPS, where S means secure then only add the payment details.

Debit card:

Debit card is similar to credit card, the buyer has to fill in all the details and again they need to take care of the secure server. If the server is not secure then avoid purchasing as this can put you into trouble.

Online payment:

In case of online payment, the merchant website takes to the banking website. However, while merchant website redirect you to the bank’s website, you have to be sure that you are on the bank secure website. There are hackers who have create the various similar website like banks and while the users put online banking information it goes to the hackers server and later on the hackers misuse it. You can identify the bank website by the colors of the website and always choose the online keyboard to provide the details. Every bank is providing the online keyboard and if there is no keyboard given, avoids the payment.

This way you can protect yourself for being forged by the hackers.

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