Types of payment gateway

These days the payment gateways is a cup of tea for everyone however, to select the best payment gateway is the knowledgeable task as you need to chose the best one for your business.

There are many types of payment gateway available in the market and we would to share our experience for about 6 types of payment gateways with you.


  1. Hosted payment gateway
  2. Pro/Self Hosted payment gateway
  3. API/Non hosted payment gateway
  4. Bank Integration
  5. Direct payment gateway
  6. Platform based payment gateways

• Hosted payment gateways:

In hosted payment gateways the customer gets off from your website while he clicked on the pay now button and will be move on to the payment service provider page. After adding his or her information and payment details he/she will be redirected to your website once the payment made.

• Pro/Self Hosted payment gateway:

In the self hosted payment gateway customer have to select mode of payment i.e. online banking, credit card & debit card etc. Once the customer selected the best suited option he has to fill in the other details for the payment. Customer don’t redirected to your website after making the payment.

• API/Non hosted payment gateway:

When merchant doest want to the customer to be redirected to any other pages in that case the merchant want the API/Non hosted payment gateway. In this payment gateway the customer stay at the merchant website and make the payment there.

• Bank Integration:

These types of payment gateway are as same as hosted payment gateway, in this gateway customer redirected to the online banking website and make the payment from there. Once the payment made, the customer again redirected back to the merchant website.

• Direct payment gateway:

Some of the payment gateway doesn’t support the instant payment notification, customer have to fill the details into the customer profile including credit card details. Customer gets the notification whether his card has been approved for the payment.

• Platform based gateway:

Platform based payment gateway is required to sell physical or digital goods. Merchant have to create product page and the users have to check out in this type of payment gateway.

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